What's the Deal?

I have always been of the opinion that the world community has been cutting Pakistan a lot of slack when, clearly, the country itself is not delivering to the world's expectations. I am not blaming anyone here. It is as much the World's fault as it is of the Pakistani administration. It is easy to sit in the comfort of our homes and pass judgement, but when one sees such events happening in our neighbourhood, comments need to passed.

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Blasts, Blasts and more blasts....

....when will they stop? I mean, even before the country could get out of the shock of the serial blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Surat that we had these blasts in Delhi.

I mean, what do these terrorists need? And why kill innocent people. I just saw A Wednesday yesterday and it was a beautiful portrayal of the plight of the common man at the hands of such terrorists.

This time, these blasts are closer to my heart due to the locations. The Barakhamba Road....That was my home for 5+ years! And to think I had used that very dustbin in which the bomb was kept! That the blast site was not even 150 m away from where I lived! That I could have been there.....

Suddenly it becomes all so real....and frightening...and disturbing (not that it wasn't disturbing eralier...but not to such an extent)

God only knows when things such as these will stop. My heart goes out to the family members of the victims, both injured and martyred. May the injured have a speedy recovery and the departed souls find peace. You are all in my prayers...

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Much Ado about Nothing....

Yeah right... The topic says it all. I mean, here I was wishing that the rumours actually came true for once and, as usual, they didn't. Don't know what I am talking about? I am talking about the latest experiment about the Big Bang theory in CERN, Geneva using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

For crying out loud...I am not well versed with the science of it, but the probability of a black hole swallowing the Earth due to this experiment was clear to me right from the start. What had me excited was the probability of finding the God's Particle....or for that matter, antimatter....

Now where did I get the idea of this experiment generating antimatter? Ever heard of an author called Dan Brown? His book Angels and Demons? Well, from there...

Yeah, I know...shoot me. lol

So the real experiment is not to take place for another year and the hue and cry has started already. As if people don't have enough on their minds, to add this as well.... *rolls eyes*

I thought I would mention another very important thing that is worth mentioning. The 7th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks...Now that is something which should be made much ado about. I mean, even after 7 years the world is still not a safe place to live in. I read in the newspaper today that the US is still at a great risk of a major terrorist attack. And if the US is, I don't even want to talk about where India stands....

Nevertheless, I pay my
remembrances and respect to those who lost their precious lives on that day. I hope and pray that the have found peace in the afterlife and that God has blessed their souls.


Who's right and who's not?

Much has been said about the 'supposed' Chinese stab-in-the-back that I thought why don't I comment about it.

The background story is that the Chinese head of state had promised the Indian Prime Minister that the Chinese government will back the NSG waiver and not cause hindrance to it. While it was all hunky-dory, when the time came for the actual vote, the Chinese were the first one to raise objections. (During the second round of talks)

No disrespect to China or to my own country, but who are we kidding? Right? It has always been clear that the Chinese view India as a rival and they want to have a strategic hold over Asia. Quite rightly so. Even I would do the same for my own country's national interest. And having a globally recognized nuclear power as your neighbour is certainly not top on that list of national interest.

But what went wrong with the Indian contingent? Like always, putting blind faith in the words of others. I thought that after 1962, we would have learnt the lesson to not trust other countries, and especially China, based solely on their word. Rather, the trust should be based on keeping that word.

I must applaud the US for how they lobbied the entire world into accepting this Pact. It was not an easy task and had I been the person left to decide that whether a country (different than India...I am biased here) should get a waiver or not, I would be having second thoughts.

Still, what has happened has happened and even though I am not pleased with, I can't do more other than vent my frustration here in my blog. When will the Indian politico learn that for Chinese, or for that matter any other country, national interest comes first. And especially for China as they see us as a strategic rival - a competitor. Certainly, getting cosy with the US will not bode well with our Chinese counterparts.

It is time the Indian politico takes out their head from the sand and see the truth as it stands.....

Writer's Block: Google Founded

Ten years ago today, Google was founded. In that time, how has Google changed your life, and do you ever go out of your way to avoid its omnipresent power?
I don't think anything has affected anybody more than Google. I mean, there is a special word now to describe it! googled It is a verb that means 'doing extensive research upon'.

So if I say, 'Mary googled the topic,' it actually means a legible sentence! :o

Yeah, stunning. Yet, I have seen that Google is slowly, yet methodically, taking over the whole of the www... I mean, earlier we just had the google web-search. Now we have google mail, orkut, shopping, maps, Earth, YouTube, Scholar, Books, Docs, Calendar and what not. And latest news, Google even launched a new browser - Chrome. Don't get me started on it...it sucks, big time! I had expected more from google, but they really disappointed me with that little thing.

To answer this prompt's question...No. I never go out of my way to avoid its presence. I have always used Google and by far, I have found its search engine the best. Yes, I am biased because I have never used any other search engine, but that's me!

So, I am just waiting for the day when Google comes out with its own OS. That day is not far, judging by how things are going.

Where do I start?


My very first journal entry? What do I say? I have never even thought of writing my thoughts and related stuff online. Okay, I have given it a thought, but never found the time nor the guts to actually go around and do it.

So how did I finally create this account? Blame it on Caferati, Live Journal, Facebook and the Flash Fiction Contest. How does Facebook feature into all this? Well, it was through Facebook that I got to know of the contest.

And that brings me to my topic for this entry.... Myself.... Who am I?

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I am Bikramjit Singh Kohli, age 17 (going on 18), 5'8", a Sikh boy, living in Chandigarh. I was born on October 5th and hence am a Libran. Many people say that this suits my personality but I say it is a load of Bull. :)

I have an elder sister, who is very kind enough to remind me that she is five and a half years older than me each time we have an argument. And mind you, we have them quite often. My Dad is in the army and I live with him and my Grandmother, while my mother and sister live in the same city but in a separate house. Yeah, my mum and dad are separated, but not divorced...big deal...I have got used to this arrangement.

My interests? Let's just say that the biggest interest in my life is to write. I write whatever comes to my mind and at the moment am working on a novel. I may post some of my short stories here someday, but that is for later. I also have a keen interest in mountaineering and outdoor activities of that type. So much so, that I have taken part in 5 adventure camps organised by the Indian Army.

I love to hang out with my friends, and I enjoy going to school...not because of studies, but because I get to spend time with friends and enjoy. I get bored sitting at home and if I sit too long on the computer, the 'rents start speaking, and we all know that that is not a good thing for any child. lol

I had taken Non-Medical in my 11th grade...big mistake, and I am still tugging it...now in 12th...I dropped a year to pursue a research project on 'Alternative Sexuality in India' in 2006. I really enjoyed the whole experience and the wealth of knowledge that it gave me was an added perk.

The same year I shifted from this wonderful school (and hostel) to my home town... I really miss that place - I spent 5 years there...five memorable years.

I have a keen interest in politics and that will be evident once this blog starts in its full swing. I intend to go to the US for further studies and pursue Bachelors in International Relations. So yeah, politics.

That brings me to the most important event of this week. The Indo-US Nuclear deal. Man, am I glad that India got the NSG waiver! I mean, anyone in their right mind can see that this deal is super awesome for this country. I have never been an advocate of armament and even if this deal puts a ban on testing, I am not bothered...unless, of course, some other countries (read: vicinity of India) provoke us to test.

So, the deal has been given a go ahead by the IAEA and the NSG. So will the US Congress also give a nod? I certainly hope so. It is high time people started realizing that India is one of the fastest emerging and strategically important country in the world. The history proves it.

Well, look at that! This has to be, by far, my longest post anywhere, ever! And just yesterday I was chiding one of my friends for having a massive blog post.


I am signing off for now...it's almost midnight here....
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